Here’s The #1 Way To Quickly Cure Tennis Elbow At Home In Just 5 Steps And This Video Will Prove It To You!


Avoid Elbow Pain Doing Skullcrushers with these 5 Simple Tips

Skullcrushers are one of the most common and popular tricep exercises that you will see performed in the gym. But here is what you must understand… This movement can be one of the worst exercises and movements when it comes to placing unwanted stress on your elbows. Most individuals who include this exercise in their

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Tennis Elbow During Coronavirus Pandemic: Heal At Home

The year 2020 will go down in history for all the wrong reasons. The entire world has been brought to it`s knees with the COVID 19 pandemic. It is more commonly referred to as the coronavirus. Just about everyone worldwide has been in some form of lockdown. And for most people, we are forced to

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5 Tips Stop Elbow Pain After Playing Badminton or Racquetball

All sports fanatics who participate in different sports must be aware of the various kinds of injuries and pains that they are at risk of developing as the frequency or intensity of their games pick up. Elbow pain is one of them. More specifically, sharp pain in the elbow which can be on the outside

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Dog Walkers Elbow: Easy 6 Step Guide On How to Avoid It

This my complete dog walker`s elbow guide with 6 easy steps on how to avoid this common injury. In this new guide, you will learn some of the following: What is dog walker`s elbow? Why you should never wrap the leash Never put fingers under the collar Always opt for a shorter leash Walk and

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Got Chipped Elbow Bone: Immediately Do This Before It Is Too Late

Drink your milk, is what my mother always told me. Milk will make your bones strong! Well Mom, I am happy to say that my bones are strong until they come into contact with a hard surface. Here are some quick links to get you going: Elbow anatomy Signs of a chipped elbow bone What

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Obliterate Judo Elbow Pain Using This 1 Simple Unknown Trick

There are many types of martial arts. From Karate to Jiu Jitsu  to Muay Thai to Judo. There are really too many to list. And with the explosion of mixed martial arts(MMA) and the UFC, enrollment rates for all various kinds of martial arts are at an all time high. But here`s the thing… With

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Is CBD for Tennis Elbow the Real Deal or Just Smoke and Mirrors

There is no doubt that at some point in your life you will experience a bunch of aches and pains. That you can count on! And of course you will most likely seek out the fastest solution to take away your pain. Wouldn`t you agree? Unless you have been living under a rock for the

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So Your Elbow Hurts When Bent and Here are 4 Reasons Why

If you are like most people, you never really give any thought to your elbow. I can think of only 2 occasions to which you would remember: When you strike your funny bone When you are experiencing pain Other than that, we rarely ever give our elbows a second thought. Wouldn´t you agree? Have you

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Best 16 Strengthening Exercises For Tennis Elbow Of All Time

It is just simple plain fact, that no matter which type of soft tissue muscle injury you have, you will simply not recover with implementing an exercise regime. And if anyone tells you otherwise, they are just plain wrong. I have been helping, teaching and advising  individuals on how to recover from soft tissue injuries

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