2 Causes Of Elbow Pain From Bowling That Everyone Overlooks

elbow pain from bowlingWhen the winter rolls around, many of us look to head indoors for a little sport and recreation.

Especially if you are like me – I really am a wimp when it comes to cold weather.

The sport of bowling is a perfect for staying in shape through the winter and even all year round if I’m being honest.

But here’s the thing…

One of the common complaints among amateurs and professionals alike is elbow pain when bowling – and …

It usually gets worse over time!

If you are placing constant and repetitive stress on the same tendons repeatedly, you are bound to suffer from pain/discomfort at your elbow.

Elbow discomfort when participating in any sport or hobby can be a very painful and frustrating and once you get it, there is the chance that you won’t forget about it for a long time and …

You can actually leave the sport prematurely.

It is also believed that once your condition sets in, you are going to have many episodes where you feel the same pain over and over again.

The big question many people ask is …

How Does It Start?

It frequently starts out with a dull ache or a sudden sharp pain above or below your elbow.

Initially, if you have mild pain at the elbow, a few days rest can do wonders and the pain can actually disappear.

However, if your pain is more severe, a long stretch on the sidelines can nag many bowlers for a couple of months or even in the most severe cases, for the rest of your life…

Putting an end to your bowling career.

Moreover, the strange thing about this is that it is one of those injuries that you cannot just sort out and messing with it will only aggravate the problem further.

But here’s the thing…

It goes without saying that before you throw in the towel completely and your elbow discomfort becomes a serious problem, your first course of action is to talk to your Doctor or get a qualified opinion about the severity of your condition.

You might want to get a few tests done on your affected elbow to see the true extent of the injury.

There is some great little tips and advice over at the reddit forum you might want to check out when you have lots of time on your hands.

But as you most likely already know …

Bowling can be addictive and a lot of people might just want to continue doing it, irrespective of how badly they are hurt.

However, the truth is that you should stop bowling if your Doctor advises you against it because not doing so will only aggravate your pain further.

It is not uncommon for Doctors to advise to refrain from the sport for a time frame of 1 year or more.

But…I’ve got some good news!( I’ll get to it a little later…)

Doctors also recommend resting for at least 3-6 months in order to make sure that your tendons are fully rested before you can start bowling again.

Moreover, in some cases, you might even need to join a rehab program in order to sort the pain.

Therefore, a rehab program for at least 8 weeks would help with the problem to a large extent.

See the bottom of this page for an easy 5 step solution that won’t cost anything near what you would pay for rehab!

There are many reasons and causes for elbow discomfort when bowling at your favorite lane.

After discussions and research, a common theme and one of the main contributors of this injury is your technique and ball you use.

The technique that you are using can be one that causes a lot of pain and discomfort and can be the main contributors of the injury.

Therefore, it is important that your bowling mechanics are right and well sorted in order to avoid the injury altogether.

The wrong technique can put a lot of strain on your elbow median tendons and cause sore elbows, which is one of the main contributors to why you are most likely sitting and watching your team bowl.

The bowling community website has some great advice and experiences from members on this exact topic.

Wearing an support strap or brace on your elbow when bowling will work as a preventive measure to help you protect your arm and support strained elbow tissues, tendons and ligaments.

It is also important to make sure that you are making a conscious effort in order to focus on the correct form and technique before you make the swing because that can make the injury a lot worse.

Setup is extremely important!

Therefore, by keeping your elbows tucked in and close to the body when you are delivering the ball, you can reduce the stain that there is on your elbow.

Main Causes Of Elbow Discomfort When Bowling

The two main of these reasons are:

1) The Bowling Ball Itself

wrong size bowling ball

You should select a ball that is not too heavy for you.

This is common mistake among amateurs.

While it is true that the heavier the ball, the more momentum is carries and as a result it can drive the pins further but …

You should focus on accuracy and not power.

On the other hand, if the problem is still severe, it is important and wise to make sure that you start using a lighter ball.

Use a lighter ball to start bowling and it will help in relieving the pain.

Therefore, if you had previously been using a 16lb ball, it is recommended to use a 14lb ball till your pain has sort of diminished.

It goes without saying that rest is the best way to go about a healing a bowling elbow pain but if you have rested well enough and still not getting the right solution as far as the pain relief is concerned, then we would recommend going for using a lighter ball as it will not only improve your strength, it will fix the problem too.

Moreover, know that you can always switch back to a heavier ball once the pain has subsided.

Moreover, too much strain on the arm tendons is another major contributor of bowling elbow pain.

2) Your Bowling Mechanics Play A Huge Role

poor form technique

For starters, if you are always trying to put a spin on the bowling ball, it can overtime cause the tendons which connect at your elbow to break down and tear.

On the other hand, your bowling mechanics play a huge role in affecting the bowling elbow pain.

If you are using the improper technique, it could cause your elbow swell and become quit sore.

This is considered to be one of the most common types of problems associated with bowling and therefore, incorrectly swinging the ball with using the elbow too far out can affect the hand and the elbow joint to a great extent.

Usually, referred to as chicken winging the ball, this technique is one of the main contributors of elbow troubles.

Swinging the ball in the wrong way can also cause excessive strain on the elbow.

If you are using excessive force to bring the ball forward, it will cause tendonitis in the elbow.

Tendonitis also develops in youth bowling when the tendons are very flexible.

Moreover, lack of coordination during the younger ages and the lack of ability to share and swing the ball can be one of the main contributors of injury at this age.

Bowling elbow is also seen in those who are competitive, too aggressive with the ball and/or who bowl 3 or more times a week.

Therefore, those who are aggressive adults and bowlers might suffer from this injury to a great extent.

Lifting the ball aggressively from the cradle can also contribute to your injury.

But here is what you must understand if you want to ever fully completely recover from your elbow pain.

There is a 99% chance that the discomfort you are experiencing at your elbow is a condition called tennis elbow.

But wait…

You are probably thinking…”how do you get tennis elbow from bowling?”

Am I right?

It’s simply the name of the condition and has really nothing to do with the game of tennis.

The first ever reported case of this injury was by a tennis player, so the name stuck.

It is the most commonly reported elbow injury every year and …

95% of the cases are from non tennis players.

Be sure to check out these top 12 common elbow injuries that most people have not even heard of!

While there is a range of treatments that you can use to treat this condition, the three most common are

  1. resting the elbow tendons,
  2. icing the tendons and
  3. and compression

Resting the elbow: Resting the elbow means taking a few days off from bowling as this will allow your tendons to heal fully.

Resting is the best choice and the first choice to take off the inflammation and letting your elbow heal naturally.

Resting will also make sure that your elbow is relieved of the pain and will also work to reduce swelling.

Icing The Tendon: The second step to fixing your elbow is to ice your tendons.

However, it is recommended not to apply cold ice on the skin.

Rather, place an ice between two towels and place it on your elbow for at least 20 minutes.

This will help in relieving swelling and inflammation both.

Compressing The Elbow: Finally compressing can help with the pain and provide support for your injured tendons.

Some compression can work to restrict movements as far as the tendons are concerned and but…

On the downside, it restricts blood flow – which is what you really need for a permanent fix and solution.

It is advised to stop using pronation movements to not put excessive strain on your elbows.

For those are dead serious about overcoming their tennis elbow condition and want to continue bowling while they recover, click on the button below where are short video will reveal 5 tips and steps on how to quickly kill your elbow pain and have you back at the alley in no time!

Check out the quick and easy video

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