2 Reasons Why PRP Injections for Tennis Elbow Should Be Avoided

prp injections for tennis elbow

Before I get straight to the facts about prp injections, it is important that you learn a little about them and what they are.

First of all, PRP stands for platelet rich plasma.

In laymen terms it is blood plasma that has been enhanced with platelets.

This enhancement and separation is supposed to promote faster healing and acceleration of soft muscle and tendon tissues.

This is what prp injections for tennis elbow is supposed to but …

We’ll get to that later.

Now you may be wondering …

How does a Doctor separate the platelets from your blood in the first place?

Here is how it happens.

A prp injection starts out with a blood draw.

Your Doctor will search for a nice vein to draw the blood from your arm.

Once a vein has been selected, he/she may use a skin marker to mark the vein.

vein marked to draw blood

Your Doctor will draw about 40 cc’s of blood from your arm mixed with 5 cc’s of an anti-coagulant.

The anti-coagulant will already be in the syringe as the drawing of the blood begins.

40 cc of blood drawn

As soon as the blood has been drawn, pressure will be applied to the draw site.

Your Doctor will begin gently rocking the syringe from side to side to prevent the platelets from activating.

Doctor rocking syringe

Your blood which is in a syringe is placed into a separating machine.

Your Doctor will select how much PRP blood to separate and the machine does the rest.

In most cases it is about 10% of what he/she draws initially into the syringe.

So if your Doctor draws out 40 cc’s of blood, he/she will most likely separate 4 cc’s of prp blood.

FYI..cc stands for cubic centimetre and 1 cc = 1 ml.

Your blood will be spun in a separator machine for about 15 minutes where 4 cc’s of platelet rich plasma blood will be shot into another syringe to be injected into your arm affected with tennis elbow.

machine for prp separation

The prp blood is much lighter in colour than the blood which was originally drawn from your arm.

lighter prp blood

Once the blood is ready for injection, your Doctor will press on your outer elbow region, around your extensor tendon and muscles in search for the most tender part of your elbow.

This is where he/she will most likely inject the prp blood.

A skin marker will be used to mark the spot for your injection.

area of injection

Your Doctor may choose to inject your with some numbing medication before giving you the PRP shot.

This is also done for other types elbow injuries such as tendonitis, elbow bursitis, elbow strains and other overuse injuries.

You can read more about these and 12 other elbow injuries that can make your everyday life a living hell.

For the simple reason that it can be very painful and unpleasant.

numbing agent injected

Here’s the thing:

You may think that you are only getting one injection BUT …

It is not uncommon for your Doctor in inject you up to 12 times in one sitting with your PRP blood.

12 times injection of prp blood

The reason why is to ensure that all of the damaged structures within your elbow get flushed and filled with the platelet rich plasma blood.

Are you really up for it?

You can find out more about this type of procedure over here and it includes a slick little infographic about tennis elbow.

Here are my personal thoughts and opinions on this kind of treatment and 2 reasons why you should reconsider:

First – As with any sort of medical treatment, there is a cost involved.

Many medical insurance companies will not cover this.

So you could be forking out over $1000 USD for a prp injection and it is not guaranteed to work.

While I am all for new types of therapy and treatments that speed up the recovery process, this is still a relatively new kind of therapy.

But there are other things you can try that cost a tiny fraction of what prp does and

They have a much higher success rate!

But here is where it all goes bad for this type of treatment for tennis elbow and my second reason as to why I would not go there …

There is now strong evidence against platelet rich plasma injections for tennis elbow.

prp study conclusion

You can download and read the entire pdf file and study, which is 10 pages in length.

Another thing to consider before being injected is that there is no such thing as minor surgery.

Because in essence, that is basically what is happening here.

Being injected with a needle opens you up and exposes you to risks such as infection and adverse reactions.

YES – even if it is your own blood.

While injections are minimally invasive, there are countless horror stories online about how people have actually died from being pierced with a needle.

I like to follow the path of least resistance and avoid medical intervention at all costs if I can.

I’m just like that.

How about you?

Do you pop a pill for every kind of ache and pain?

What if I told there is a much less invasive way to achieve better results than prp injections for tennis elbow AND …

It takes less than 5 minutes every other day.

Would I have your attention?

I personally believe that individuals who suffer from repetitive strain injuries such as tennis elbow, always look for the quick way out.

Not that there is anything wrong with trying to overcome injury as quickly as possible.

The problem arises that in cases where you take the short and quickest route usually only ends up in a temporary fix solution.

For example, cortisone shots for tennis elbow pain relief work really well BUT ..

Only for 4 weeks.

Then you are back at square one again.

Pain medication such as Tylenol, Aleve, Aspirin, or whatever other brands of pain medication you have in your bathroom …

Work well for 3-4 hours and then you are back swallowing pills again.

In my opinion, this is not the way to permanently overcome a condition such as tennis elbow.

Especially when the fact is that conditions such as tennis elbow rarely ever develop from falling onto your elbow or bumping it on a solid surface.

It takes time to develop and I am 100% certain that you had some early warning signs.

Such as:

  • a weakening grip
  • dull aching pain
  • increasing elbow pain when twisting the lid off a jar
  • elbow pain when opening a door or shaking hands with someone

Sound familiar?

I bet they do.

What most people are totally in the dark about when it comes to overcoming repetitive strain injuries such as tennis elbow is that …

They are very self treatable.

Forget having to take time out of your busy day to go for Doctor and Physical therapy sessions.

And absolutely do not totally immobilize your arm with an elbow brace – that is the by far the worst thing you could every do to your elbow.

A simple thing you could do this very minute is to apply a little heat to your elbow.

Not ice but heat.

This will immediately send a gushing river of blood to your elbow and flush out the old toxic blood that has been pooling in your elbow.

The new blood has lots of healthy vitamins and minerals which your injured elbow tendons and muscles need to repair quickly.

The next best thing to do is click on the button below and watch a simple 5 step formula on how to treat and cure tennis elbow without having to leave your home.

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