3 Likely Causes of Forearm Pain Near Your Elbow With Action Plan

forearm pain near elbow

Question: Got forearm pain?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Is it near or around your elbow? Answer: Sure is.

I am sure you’ve answered the same which means that you and I are not so different.

Well at least arm and elbow problems that make your daily routine a living hell.

But today I am going to divulge some very easy and simple steps to completely wipe out your misery with:

The 3 most probable and reasonable causes of forearm pain near your elbow in 2019 with an actionable at home treatment strategy that you can use right now.

  1. Fractured Arm Bone
  2. Golfers Elbow
  3. Tennis Elbow

You are not yourself when you are pain.

It’s even worse when the pain has a direct impact on your work, job or prevents you from doing the things you love.

This type of pain is really more stubborn and nagging than anything simply because you rely on your arm so much.

It’s not until you clinch or grab something that you feel true agony and discomfort.

Forearm pain, especially in your dominant arm, can cause you take time away from your job and make you less efficient and productive.

It is also possible that you have upper forearm pain that comes and goes as well.  Am I right?

The problem you are facing with your elbow and arm could have come on all of a sudden or perhaps taken sometime to really cause you enough torment that you’ve finally had enough and want it resolved for good.

What the Pain In Your Forearm and Elbow Could Possibly Be:

1. Fractured Bone – This one should be the easiest to figure out.

broken arm bone

For the simple fact that breaking a bone is not something that usually takes time to happen.

Our elbows are hinged joints that are formed by three bones:

The radius, ulna and humerus.

The humerus bone is your upper arm bone and the ulna and radius are the two bones that make up your forearm.

When you break a bone, there is usually an immediate sign of inflammation and swelling.

Is your elbow swollen without any pain?  If so, read this article.

No supply of ice will remove completely the amount of swelling that occurs when you have a fracture.

Simply bending your troublesome elbow should inflict extreme pain and you may have trouble opening and closing your hand or bending and extending your wrist.

Fractured and broken bones need immediate medical attention.

Sure pain meds will take care of your symptoms but in order for your elbow and arm to heal properly, it needs to be totally immobilized with a cast.

If you have taken a bad spill within the last 24 hours and your elbow/arm is in extreme pain, get yourself to the hospital fast.

Click here for an exhaustive medical article on forearm and elbow pain

2. Golfers Elbow – This elbow injury affects the inner forearm and elbow region.

golfers elbow pain

Even though it is referred to as golfers elbow(medical name: medial epicondylitis), it takes down more average, non-athletic individuals than golfers.

The only reason for the name is because the first ever diagnosed and documented condition was of a golf player way back in the day.

So the name stuck.

The primary complaint from golfers elbow sufferers is pain on the inside of the forearm and elbow.

It is generally known that your pain can sometimes travel from the elbow down the forearm and into the wrist or fingers.

And the opposite also applies.

What causes golfers elbow?

We know that partaking of repetitive exertion using your affected arm where you are gripping an object and flexing your wrist can cause golfers elbow.

Think along the lines and actions of using manual labor tools, gardening tools, using sports equipment, weight lifting, or any kind of on the job activity that puts wear and tear on your arm.

So just because you are not an avid golfer, do not fool yourself into thinking that this condition could “never happen to me”.


Finally, the group where most of the people reading this article will fall into.

And where you suffer from an affliction that causes pain in the forearm near your elbow:

3. Tennis Elbow

tennis elbow pain

The primary indication of tennis elbow is a tender spot and pain on the outer part(lateral side) of your elbow and forearm.

It is labeled and stamped as a repetitive strain injury.

When you are required to use exertion with your injured arm that requires extending your wrist usually while carrying out a task such as opening the lid on a jar, shaking hands, typing on a keyboard, or carrying bags of groceries are extremely uncomfortable.

Tennis players can be stricken with tennis elbow but it’s more plausible that you developed your condition in the workplace or while doing some sort of hobby or sport.

High risk jobs or activities for tennis elbow can include:

Chopping up veggies, exercising in the gym with weights, cutting hair, carpentry work, plumbing work, painting, playing musical instruments, fishing, warehouse work, Dentists, nurses and construction workers, etc.

It gets worse:

It’s urgent and mandatory that you not ignore the signs and symptoms because it could have a HUGE impact on how quickly you get better.

Because the greater time you leave between actually suffering your injury and starting treatment can have a huge impact on your recovery time and ability to heal 100 percent.

There are also different levels/stages of tennis elbow.

From mild to chronic to severe.

Mild would be pain every other day and the pain only goes away after your stop using your hands for a few minutes.

Chronic would be discomfort that is present everyday.

It interferes with daily tasks but you are able to cope with the pain levels with pain medication.

Severe is the worst case.

This is when you actually can not get up in the morning and perform any kind of movements which require you to use hands or hold objects for extended periods of time.

You cannot even hold a hot cup of coffee without worrying that you will drop it on the floor or spill it over someone.

Severe cases need immediate medical intervention and lifestyle changes.

Otherwise …

You will become so dependent on others that you feeling of independence could be lost forever.

And you would not want that – would you?

But here is what you must understand …

Your tennis elbow has most likely been present for some time.

It is just you never real gave it “time of day” or second thought for the simple reason …

Your pain was on and off for a few weeks or even months.

As long as you were able to carry on with your normal, everyday activities, then you never really paid much attention.

Am I right?

It is only now where you are not able to do even the simplest of tasks such as turn a doorknob of type on a keyboard without severe pain in your forearms or elbow.

But do not worry because …

Irregardless of the severity of your injury, overcoming it can be relatively fast and non-invasive.

You might be wondering:

How should I go about treatment?

Before you make irrational decisions that could suppress or hamper your recovery, consider what definitely does not work  for both of these injuries!

Day after day, every 3 to 4 hours swallowing pills to mask your pain – this is mistake number 1 and where most people go wrong!

Yes I know:

Seeking relief from your condition quickly and cheaply as possible and in whatever form that is, is completely normal but …

Consuming and swallowing pills and opting not to seek a proven treatment program

Your elbow will only get worse!

Considering braces, armbands and straps as a treatment remedy?

While they can be worn while using your affected arm for exhaustive and straining tasks, you should only wear one for a maximum of 2 hours.

Never, ever wear one around the house or while resting or sleeping.

These apparatuses hold back and inhibit normal blood flow to your forearm and elbow.

To ensure a smooth and gentle recovery, your impaired tissues, muscles and tendons need a steady supply of nutrient rich blood.

Wearing a brace, strap or armband restricts blood, therefore reducing the opportunity for tissue repair.

It’s get worse:

Topical anti-inflammatory creams.

Explain to me please, the rational behind how something that you apply to your skin can repair muscle tissue and tears in your extensor tendon?

The sensation and perception of heat and/or coolness when you smear this stuff on but there is absolutely no medical science and research to back this stuff up

Bottom line – waste of money!

How about getting shot up with cortisone injections from your Doctor?

For both golfers and tennis elbow, Doctors have been shooting patients up for decades without informing them of the risks.

It’s not worth the short term gain that you get out of them.

Expected pain relief period normally is four to six weeks, then you have to start all over again and your pain levels could be more severe than before you started with the shots.

Here’s the deal:

For the really committed and those who genuinely seek to put the forearm pain in and around your elbow behind them and

Want to know what works fast and easy for tennis elbow?

But here’s the kicker:

It only takes 5 minutes every other day to implement and follow the step-by-step instructional tutorials.

click to learn more

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