5 Proven Tennis Elbow Relief Remedies You Absolutely Must Try

relief remedies for tennis elbow

If I told there was a pill you could take as a remedy for tennis elbow, would you take it?

I bet you would but…

Unfortunately, permanent relief from this painful condition is just not that simple.

But here is some good news!

There is a way in which you can get tennis elbow relief without even leaving your house or wasting money on “remedies” that don’t live up to their claims.

Relieving your tennis elbow pain completely takes patience, education and a willingness to follow some very simple techniques that have been proven time and time again.

And the best part is that these techniques have recently been given the “thumbs up” by Medical Doctors in the United States via DoctorTrusted.org.

I must issue a warning about three “popular” yet not effective remedies and methods for the treatment of tennis elbow that will only prolong your pain and suffering:

1) Elbow braces

elbow braces no good

Chances are that if you have already done some research on the internet into tennis elbow, you’ve probably read somewhere in a forum that an individual who once had tennis elbow overcame it by wearing an elbow brace.

I can tell you straight up that this is absolutely untrue and cannot happen.

Here’s why:

Because tennis elbow is a condition whereby the extensor tendon on the outside of your elbow becomes inflamed, irritated, swollen or even torn, the only medically proven way to repair your injured tendon is by building the strength back up in your tendon.

Wearing an elbow brace does not allow this.

Let me explain:

When you wear an elbow brace for tennis elbow, what really happens instead of providing relief is that you restrict the blood flow to your elbow.

In order for your tendons to begin the healing process, it needs LOTS of blood.

So basically wearing a tennis elbow brace is counterintuitive.

Sure it feels good when it’s on, but feeling good does not necessarily mean you are promoting the healing process.

2) Anti-inflammatory pills

drugs no good

Society has now been conditioned to think that there is a pill for every type of condition and injury.

Thanks to the multi-billion dollar Pharma industry and their misleading marketing practices, you think that brands such as Advil, Aleve, Tylenol, etc can cure and give you permanent relief from all sorts of injuries.

While you may get 3-4 hours of temporary pain relief, the drugs will not aid in accelerating your recovery time or help strengthen your fatigued and weakened extensor tendons.

Not to mention what long term consumption of any sort of pill or capsule does to the lining of your stomach.

There are much more natural ways to deal with your tennis elbow pain than taking drugs.

You might want to check out this post on how to knockout your elbow pain and stiffness the natural way.(Hint: You only need hot and ice cold water.)

3) Cortisone shots

cortisone shots no good

A more invasive and aggressive approach when it comes to relief from tennis elbow are cortisone shots or injections.

Unless you are a Professional athlete who is playing in Game 7 of the playoffs or match final, I recommend you stay away from them.

Here’s why:

They only provide 4-6 weeks of pain relief and then you are back where you started.

There are countless articles, medical papers, etc on the subject.

What’s worse is that in some studies, these injections actually caused the affected extensor tendon to die instead of making it stronger.

Sadly Doctor’s rarely ever explain the risks to their patients and are quick to shoot you up with this white fluid.

Are you willing to take that risk?

I would think not!

When it comes to remedies and relieving your tennis elbow, the very first thing you should do is figure out what triggers your outer elbow pain.

Is it when you extend or flex your wrist?

Perhaps whenever you are gripping or holding anything tightly in your hand?

For example, grabbing the garbage bag to bring it to the curb?  What about something as simple as opening the refrigerator door?

These are everyday actions and tasks that we take for granted until our lives are impacted and we can’t do them anymore or we have to rely on others for help.

The absolute worst case scenario is if your job or occupation has caused your tennis elbow injury.

It is not like you can just up and walk out on it.

In this case, you really should consider modify your on the job techniques and talk with your supervisor or manager about how this can be done or at least ask to be moved to another department where you don’t have to use your affected arm as much, at least in the short term.

But here’s the kicker:

Tennis elbow relief can be found in the comfort of your own home.

I’m sure you are shocked to hear this but it’s true.

You already have all the necessary tools and “equipment” on hand there in your house, to heal and recover from your injury quickly.

If you are ready to make the commitment today, then check out this video where you will see the elbow pain relieving techniques in action!

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