6 Causes of Why Your Elbow Is Tender to The Touch With Pics

elbow tender to touch

Individuals suffering through frequent bouts of elbow pain predominantly complain of two things:

Firstly, within the first few days of injury their elbow is tender to the touch – either inside or outside.

Secondly, some time has usually passed and their elbow hurts even more that it did on the day of injury.

But you’re probably wondering:

Are there simple steps that I can take today to help relieve the tenderness and uncomfortable feeling in my elbow?

Of course there are but …

Here is a summary list of elbow injuries that can cause a tender elbow when touching or pressing:

Yes there is but before I give you a neat little trick you can do right now at home …

Are you also experiencing a burning pain in your elbow from time to time.  Does the severity of the burn change depending on the time of day or activity you are doing?

It’s important to understand and consider the following 6 elbow injuries which can cause your elbow to be tender especially when touching and pressing on it:

1.  Sprained elbow

elbow sprain injury

You must have stretched or suffered a tear to 1 of the 4 main ligaments in your elbow to be recognized as suffering an elbow sprain.

The four major elbow ligament structures are the : 1) ulnar collateral ligament, 2) radial collateral ligament, 3) annular ligament, and 4) the quadrate ligament.

Ligaments are dense tissue bundles that connect bones and give strength to your joints.

Hyper-extension of the elbow joint highly strains these four ligaments.

A common symptom resulting from a sprained elbow is an occurrence of inflammation, swelling, tenderness and a noticeable inability to bend your elbow like you did before your injury.

It is possible that your elbow is swollen without any pain but this is quite rare.

2. Elbow bursitis

elbow bursitis injury

Those who go through and suffer from with this injury condition are able to identify noticeable swelling on the back of their elbow accompanied by their elbow being tender when touched.

The feeling of heat in your elbow as well as it’s distinguishable red color is what makes this condition really stand out.

Are you wondering:

How does this happen?

We all have a bursa sac which is hidden and tucked away behind your elbow joint.

This sac is filled with a greasy fluid.

This sac provides cushioning and acts as a lubrication factory between your elbow tendons and the joint.

Taking a sudden strike or sharp blow to the back of your elbow, the sac becomes irritated or even worse infected.

Being elderly or suffering from arthritis of the elbow puts you at a higher risk of developing bursitis.

Check out this article on quick fixes for aching elbows from Harvard University.

3. Elbow contusion

elbow contusion

Contusions are nothing more than a fancy way of saying you have a “bruise”.

An everyday natural occurrence as to how contusions to the elbow occurs is by falling onto your elbow or your elbow experiencing a sudden but forceful blow.

Within a few hours of suffering the injury, visible signs of swelling and/or bruising, can occur in addition to elbow tenderness.

4. Arthritis of the elbow

elbow arthritis condition

Elbow arthritis sufferers experiences swelling and inflammation of the elbow joint.

Redness in color, tenderness and warmth to the touch are symptomatic occurrences.

Other symptoms can include stiffness and inability to bend your arm like you normally do (ie: decrease in range of motion and flexibility).

5. Golfers elbow

golfers elbow injury

The second most common RSI of the elbow is golfers elbow.

This is a condition where you complain of your inner elbow being tender to the touch, sore and/or inflamed.

Bending and flexing of your wrist on the affected arm, especially when holding something heavy in your hand or constantly bending your wrist in a repetitive action for long periods are bound to cause you problems.

Here’s the worst part:

If your occupation requires you to execute repetitive movements using your hands, wrists and forearms on a daily basis, then you are really considered high risk for developing golfers elbow.

If quitting your job is out of the question, then you really need to start a treatment program as soon as possible.

This is the only way you can hold onto your job and recover from golfers elbow.

6. Tennis elbow

tennis elbow injury

A person who suffers an injury to the outside of their elbow, more specifically at the lateral epicondyle of their elbow, is said to have suffered a tennis elbow injury.

The dominant sign of the top repetitive strain injury at the elbow is tenderness, pain and even swelling on the outer side of the elbow.

I should warn you that many individuals are completely naive and in the dark that they even have such a serious injury like tennis elbow.

It is only when their condition worsens and becomes so debilitating that they can’t even open a pickle jar and have to become dependent on others for help with vital daily tasks.

Tennis elbow is a source of frustration for individuals who’s everyday work routine involves repetitive use of their hands, wrists, and arms to accomplish some sort of goal or task.

Alternative scenarios and injuries to consider as to why your elbow is tender when touching it can include:

  • broken arm/elbow
  • elbow dislocation
  • Gout
  • ulnar nerve entrapment

These are much more rare and uncommon but it never hurts to throw them in.

Now you may be wondering what is the solution to wiping out your tender elbow?

Here’s the thing:

There is a very good chance that your pain is on either the inside or outside of your elbow.

Am I right?

If so, that means you either have tennis or golfers elbow.

The best remedy for both of these injuries cannot be found or bought in a pharmacy or prescribed by your Doctor.

Of course you can self medicate with anti-inflammatory pills all day long but really consider what this does and is there really any healing going on?

Having been down that dead end road, taken the pills for days, weeks and months trying to escape my pain and discomfort, I know how easy it is to seek out the quick fix.

But it isn’t the solution!

Suppressing the symptoms with daily drug consumption made my tennis elbow injury worse instead of better.

Skeptics would then wonder what finally did the trick and wiped out my misery once and for all.

Surprisingly it was five, bizarre self-treatment steps that really brought me over the hump and my elbow pain finally made a turn for the better.

Sounds like fiction but it was the permanent fix I had been longing for.

And today, I want to share with you the 5 strange techniques that I did and ones which your Doctor will most likely not tell you.

Click here to see them in action.

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