Got Elbow Pain When Carrying Heavy Bags – 6 Steps to Stop It Fast

elbow pain carrying bagsThere are things in life that everyone has to do on a daily basis.

There is no way to avoid it.

Brushing your teeth, taking a shower, eating breakfast, lunch and dinner.

And yes carrying bags.

Simple tasks that we do on a daily basis without even thinking about it.

You start to experience pain.

And elbow pain from carrying bags (heavy or even light) is quite common.

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The problem is that no one even considers bag carrying as something dangerous or has the potential to injure until it starts to
interfere with your daily habits and prevents you from leading a normal life.

But here is the thing…

Your elbow pain when left untreated, can get so bad that it may not even be able to grip your
cup of coffee or open the door without excruciating elbow pain.

And it can even get so bad that you may have to take time off work or change jobs.

Before get right too the goods…

If you are suffering from elbow pain from weight lifting…be sure to read my secret trick and advice on what exactly to do and how to recover fast.

So what can you do when your elbow hurts but still have to carry bags, even if they are not heavy.

The first thing to consider is to whether or not you have to carry them using your hands or is it possible to use a bag that has a shoulder strap attached.

use bag shoulder strap

When it is a heavier bag you must carry, it is best to use a bag which has a shoulder strap.

This will take the strain off your arm.

You can easily switch the bag from one shoulder to the other if it starts to hurt or you simply cannot carry the bag any further.

The second thing to consider is, if everything is in one bag and it is too heavy, is it possible to move some of the items into a second bag.

This way you can take strain off one of your arms and evenly distribute the load between two arms.

A classic example of this is carrying grocery bags from your car to your house.

A man will near kill himself trying to carry 2 overloaded, extremely heavy grocery bags to his house instead of coming back around for a second trip.

You know exactly what I am talking about.

The blood circulation in your fingers gets cut off and the tips of your fingers become purple.

Then once you lay the bags down on the floor, your fingers and hands tingle as them come back to life.

Can you relate?

Here is a physiotherapists take on pain in your elbow from lifting things.

Third…make sure you grip using all fingers on the handle and not just 2 or 3 fingers.

use all fingers

When you grip a bag using a couple of fingers, this puts unwanted strain on your flexors and extensors.

This can eventually cause elbow pain as it is these flexors and extensors which attach at your elbow through their common tendons.

Fourth…when carrying the bags, always keep a small bend in your elbow.

elbows bent bag carrying

Do not fully extend your arm.

Extending your arm fully causes severe strain on your already injured elbow extensor tendons.

Bag carrying with your elbow bent shifts more of the weight to all of the muscles in your arm to provide support and strength.

Got forearm pain after lifting weights and working out…get rid of it with this simple formula

Fifth, choose recyclable bags over plastic bags.

recyclable bags over plastic

Normally recyclable bags have larger handles in which to grip or a strap ypu can use to carry on your shoulder.

There are normally 2 types of recyclable bags.

Polypropylene and cotton based.

The polypropylene bags are being offered in stores more and more these days.

They are easily identifiable by their hard, rigid bottoms which provide more support.

Cotton bags on the other hand, are usually softer to the touch and can be easily folded into a purse, car console or tucked away without requiring much space.

A larger handle usually requires less grip strength and force.

The plastic, non biodegradable bags are not only bad for the environment but require more grip force to hold.

They are often referred to as single use bags.

I will stay away from all of the environmental numbers on what is better or worse.

The bottom line when it comes to carrying bags…

The more grip force required, the more strain on your forearm extensors and flexors.

It is these flexors and extensors which attach at your elbow can irritate, inflame and tear over time.

This is when you start to experience elbow pain.

For the majority of individuals who complain of elbow pain when carrying grocery bags or any other type of bag, the discomfort
is usually on the outer part of the elbow / upper forearm area.

Here is what you must understand…

The injury that you now have is not an injury that has happened all of a sudden.

It is a result of overuse and has taken some time to develop.

It is only now that you are really noticing it.

There are some simple tests you can do to see what it is exactly it is for an injury you have.

Take this test right now.

The sixth thing you can do, always choose a backpack over a bag you have to carry in your hands.

choose backpack

Even if you are someone who works in a tie and suit everyday, there are very fashionable backpacks available that will absolutely
take the strain off your elbow and allow you to carry much more than what you can in a bag you must hand carry.

The best professional, leather backpack on the market today is by Kenneth Cole. It is made of Colombian Leather, passes all TSA requirements for carry ons and is large enough for even the biggest laptop computers.

You can get all the details and an incredible deal right here.

So where do you go from here and what are your treatment options?

The first thing to know whether your elbow injury is tennis or golfers elbow.

Golfers elbow affects the inside of your elbow.

Pain increases when your flex your wrist(turning your wrist inwards) while gripping or squeezing down tightly on an object.

Tennis elbow affects primarily the outer part of your elbow.

Pain increases when your extend your wrist while squeezing, gripping or holding tightly an object in your hand.

Here`s the thing…

It doesn`t matter if you have golfers or tennis elbow…traditional treatments can cost a fortune.

And …

There is no guarantee that they will work.

How do I know?

I literally spent over $789 trying to get rid of my own tennis elbow injury.

And after throwing all that money at traditional treatments (Doctors, physio, pain meds, elbow braces, cortisone injections)

I continued to suffer – day in and day out.

My pain got so bad that I could not even carry a grocery bag to my car.

I was totally dependent on others for even the simplest everyday activities that we take for granted.

Do you want to lose your independence too?

So how did I finally overcome my injury?

Check out this video that reveals exactly what I did, how long it took and how it can work for you.

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