6 Reasons Why Your Elbow Hurts Right on the Bone With Pics

elbow hurts at the boneOuch that hurts!

When you strike an unprotected bone on a hard surface, the pain can be enough to make you dance.

And when it is an area where two bones come together to form a joint, the pain can be even more severe.

Have you recently noticed that your elbow hurts right on the boneand did you know there can be a number of causes for it?

This specific type of pain is usually severe; therefore, can cause great discomfort to the person experiencing it.

Furthermore, it may also interfere with your routine activities day in and day out.

If you play sports or do work that requires physical exertion, you may not be able to do so with full capacity or ability.

But here is what you must understand…

The is a difference between pain that comes and goes and severe pain, no matter where it affects your body.

Signs and symptoms depend on the type of injury or the reason that has led to your elbow injury.

Generally, the signs and symptoms of severe elbow pain include:

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Stiffness
  • Numbness
  • Locking and catching sensation
  • Inflammation
  • Difficulty in fully extending the arm or moving the elbow
  • Extreme pain caused by elbow movement

There are many reasons why the bone on your elbow is hurting, depending on the area of the elbow that is affected.

For example…

If your are experiencing pain on the outside part of your elbow around the bony part, which is known as the lateral epicondyle, you most likely have tennis elbow.

On the other hand…

If your elbow hurts on the inside part around the bony prominence, commonly called the medial epicondyle, you probably have golfer’s elbow.

Here is an interesting read on why your elbow bone hurts, fantastic tips in there.

Something else to consider…

Is that other less common conditions can include gout, arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis etc.

Know the causes of your condition or…

You may never nip your condition in the butt.

You may consider the following injuries besides those mentioned above.

fracture bone

A fracture can generally be caused due to an accident or a fall.

If you have suffered a fracture, you will feel extreme pain in your elbow.

The pain would be so much that you wouldn’t be able to bend your elbow at all.

dislocation elbow

An elbow dislocation is a condition in which the bone of the elbow drifts away from its original position.

It is generally caused by an accident or landing on an outstretched arm.

In this condition, most people experience great pain and discomfort.

It requires immediate medical attention.

This condition can be treated without undergoing surgical procedures.

soft tissue injury

This is generally caused by a muscle, tendon or ligament tear or strain.

Tendon is a part that connects muscle and bone while ligament connects bones to each other.

This injury causes great pain and it can make it difficult for you to carry out your routine activities.

elbow infection

Due to an infection, your elbow may hurt at the bone without visually seeing a cut.

It is often accompanied by redness and swelling on the affected part.

working out

If you are a gym rat like me, one of the most common complaints in the gym is elbow problems.

Inside and outside elbow pain, even at the bone.

Your pain will most likely increase when doing exercises using dumbbells.

I would recommend that you stick to using barbells and/or machines until your discomfort eases.

repetitive arm movements

There are some jobs or hobbies that require repetitive arm movements day in and day out.

These are mostly manual labor jobs such as: carpentry, painting, typing, knitting, factory jobs etc.

Sports such as baseball, football, volleyball, racket sports are all considered high risk when it comes to developing elbow problems.

Diagnosis Protocol

An early diagnosis is key to a quick recovery, no matter what you are suffering from.

For diagnosis, your physician may conduct certain non-invasive, physical tests.

These will basically include some range of motion and strength resistance tests.

An x-ray or MRI could be ordered in more severe cases.

These diagnostic tests help the physician to know the exact area that is affected, the intensity of the issue, and the exact cause.

Based on the result of diagnostic tests, the right treatment can be recommended by your Doctor.

Arthritis could be another possibility.

You may want to visit this website for more information on elbow arthritis.

Best Treatment Options

Discussed below are some of the treatment methods for alleviating elbow pain.

Read on to know more about them

Using Ice Therapy

This therapy can prove to be useful if you are suffering from the number one elbow injury – tennis elbow.

In this therapy, health experts recommend using ice on the affected area.

It is important not to apply ice directly to your skin.

A barrier needs to be between your skin and the ice to prevent skin damage.

It not only reduces the pain but swelling as well.

This therapy can be followed for 15 mins, every 3 to 4 hours, depending on how bad your condition is.

If you are not getting pain relief after 2 days, you should go back to your Doctor.

Using Heat Therapy

Just like cold therapy, heat therapy can also work to alleviate your pain and provide relief .

However, it should only be used if the pain is chronic and refuses to go away even after a couple of weeks.

To use this therapy, it is recommended to place a moist hot pack around your elbow while ensuring the pack doesn’t come in direct contact with the skin.

Use a barrier between the heat pack and skin.

The reason why this method is useful that it helps the affected area to get an enhanced supply of nutrients and blood flow.

These are the components that quicken the healing process and help you recover in a fast-paced way.

Using Elbow Strap

Elbow strap can also be used to diminish your discomfort.

This method serves another purpose of preventing the elbow from suffering further strain.

These should only be worn when performing repetitive movements and …

Definitely not at night when sleeping.


To be absolutely upfront and blunt with you …

Your elbow pain will not go away unless you implement elbow strengthening exercises.

It is as simple as that!

Check out and follow the  top 10 exercises you can do right now at home.

These exercises are aimed towards reducing the stiffness and increasing the flexibility of your elbow.

The recommended exercises are to be performed every other day for the first 2 weeks and then every day after that for at least 4 weeks.

Painkillers and NSAID`s

If you are in constant pain that interferes with your routine activities, your Doctor may prescribe strong painkillers in form of tablets or capsules.

Your Doctor may also recommend cortisone injections but…

I would avoid these all together.

But here is what you need to understand…

These painkillers reduce the pain only temporarily.

This is why they aren’t considered to be long-term solutions for getting rid of your hurting elbow.

Counterforce Brace

A counterforce brace is a common strap that often people wear around their forearm.

This strap helps to disperse the force that comes from the muscle before it actually reaches the affected area.

It has proven to be a useful option for reducing the pain and the patients are recommended to wear it any time they are performing their routine activities.

When getting this brace, there are numerous things to consider with its size being the most important.

It should fit perfectly to work optimally.

Make sure it isn’t too tight or loose as both these positions wouldn’t help this brace to work in an effective manner.

If it is too tight, it may cut off blood circulation to your hand.

On the other hand, if it is too loose, it wouldn’t be able to perform its function properly.

Surgery an Option

This is usually the last treatment options doctors opt for if none of the other methods work.

However, in case of a fracture, surgery is always a preferred by the doctors.

The chances of surgery curing your elbow injury is 100% if you have an elbow fracture.

If your condition is caused by tennis elbow, the damaged section of the tendon is removed during the surgery.


Did you know that tennis elbow surgery is not 100% guaranteed to work.

So be warned before you commit to it.

Preventing Elbow Pain

Here are some of the most effective elbow pain prevention tips discussed below:

  • If your job or hobby requires you to overuse your arm or elbow, make sure you are giving your body the rest in between. As overusing is the major cause of severe elbow pain, following this prevention tip can prove to be useful for you.
  • For sportsmen that rely heavily on your arm or elbow, it is advised to buy right set of equipment. For example, if you are a badminton player who uses a heavy racket, it can result in an elbow pain during excessive and exhaustive matches. And not forget you should also use the right techniques for playing as an awkward posture can lead to your pain as well.
  • Warming up is important whether you are playing any sport or exercising. It will prepare your body to face the grind that is coming its

Final Thoughts

All in all, this condition is quite painful but with immediate attention you can recover very fast.

What many people do not know is that there are 5 quick and easy steps you can do in your home to jump start your healing process.

Check them out in this video tutorial with instructions.

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