8 Best Tennis Elbow Creams That Work and Are Cheap

best tennis elbow creamsFor anyone who has had tennis elbow or is currently suffering from this repetitive strain injury, getting relief can sometimes seem impossible.

In today`s article I am going to give you the top 8 best tennis elbow creams.

It really is a painful condition in which the forearm extensor muscles become irritated from overuse and inflammation develops directly at the lateral epicondyle of your elbow(the small bony prominence on the lateral side of your elbow).

Here you can jump straight to the products:

1.Sub Zero Cooling Pain Relief Gel

2. Blue-Emu Lidocaine Pain Relief Cream

3. Topical Capsaicin Cream

4. Penetrex Cream

5. Tennis Elbow Grease

6.Tri Relief Analgesic Pain Relieving Cream

7. Theragold Pain Relief Cream with Manuka Honey

8. Voltaren Gel

Tennis elbow creams can be a source of temporary relief – but only in the short term.

Why only in the short term?

I will get to the exact reason a little further down in this article – so stay with me! 

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One of the most frustrating aspects of tennis elbow, is that tasks we take for granted become such a nuisance and it starts to affect your quality of life.

It can get so bad, that individuals start to lose their independence and rely on others for help and assistance.

In the never ending search for instant pain relief you can rub some creams, apply topical gels or even a spray to your affected elbow.

And the best part…

With little or no side effects. Perhaps sometimes staining your shirt.

The fact is that when you have tennis elbow, like all the other repetitive strain injuries(RSI) your tendons need to be healed and repaired.

And preferably without having to give up hobbies or sports you really love to do.

When you are ready to give a cream for tennis elbow a try…

Here is another great resource with a similar list as mine.

You should know there are 3 main types to choose from.

1) Non-Medicated / Herbal Cream

These typically contain mostly natural herbs that have been used for hundreds of years in traditional medicine.  Long before Big Pharma.  These herbal creams are known for their  ability to suppress natural inflammatory healing responses.  This is opposite as to what big pharma drug-based gels and creams do.  If you are like me, you are not a fan of prescription drugs and always choose herbal remedies over big pharma prescriptions.

Such creams and gels work best by simply applying directly to your affected elbow.  Usually a minimum of 3 times a day for at least 5 days.

2) Over the Counter(OTC) Gels, Lotions and Creams

Stores like Wal-mart, Target, Walgreens, Publix, Safeway and other large big box retailers which offer OTC medications usually stock a large assortment of heating /cooling gels and creams. Big name brands such as Deep-Heat, Tiger Balm, IcyHot, Perskindol, BenGay and Jr Watkins can all be purchased without a prescription from your Doctor.   

The majority of these contain active ingredients such as Menthol, Lidocaine,  Camphor and/or Methyl Salicylate. What differentiates these OTC creams is that they can better penetrate the skin and block pain receptors in nerve endings. These gels, lotions and creams belong to a group of medications called Analgesics.

But here is the bad part…

As with all medications, there is the risk of side effects.

The most commonly reported side effects of these creams are skin rashes.

It is possible that you are allergic to the active ingredient in these gels, creams or lotions.  If you are worried, you can see an Allergist who can quickly perform a test to see if you are.

3) Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Creams or Cortisone Steroid Creams

Which should you choose? There are 2 types of steroid / Cortisone type and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications.

1. Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Medications (NSAIDs)

It is a fact that taking OTC NSAID`s  such as ibuprofen is effective in decreasing muscle/tendon inflammation and pain. Their most popular form is pills and tablets but there are options available in  topical gels or creams.  These gels and creams are preferred to tablet / pill form as they are easier on the stomach which eliminates the chance that you may develop diarrhea or stomach cramps.

2. Cortisone Steroid Medications

Usually not recommended or effective when dealing with tennis elbow pain.  These types of creams are usually reserved for skin conditions or to help accelerate wound healing.

Best Creams used for tennis elbow

1. Sub Zero Cooling Pain Relief Gel

sub zero cooling gel

Sub-zero provides advanced fast cooling pain relief when applied on the tennis elbow. Sub Zero pain relievers contain menthol gel, cat’s claw herb, and a mixture of other herbs that help to provide sudden & penetrative pain relief on the spot. This pain reliever cooling gel is colorless and non-greasy which has long-lasting pain relief. Try sub-zero pain relief gel for back pain, arthritis pain relief, and tennis elbow treatment.

2. Blue-Emu Lidocaine Pain Relief Cream

blue emu lidocaine cream

It targets Pain Receptors with 4% lidocaine HCL and Contains Real Emu Oil that provides Numbing Pain Relief for Topical Pain with lidocaine Cream. It targets the pain area and provides sudden relief. Use a sponge to apply lidocaine Creams on the tennis elbow so that hands are not numb after applying.

3. Topical Capsaicin Cream

capzasin hp cream

Capsaicin cream is a topical analgesic that is used to treat joint pain. Therefore it can be used to treat joint pain associated with tennis elbow.

Capsaicin is a natural active ingredient found in hot peppers, when applied on skin, it releases chemicals that are related to pain from the body. You can expect to feel a burning sensation for a few minutes that will provide pain relief.  This cream should not be with a heating pad. 

4. Penetrex Cream

penetrex cream

Penetrex pain relief therapy can help with tennis elbow or other aches and pains like arthritis, knee pain, and back pain.  It provides immediate long-lasting relief from pain. Penetrex is recommended for use on its own and is also sufficient for use in combination with complementary therapies such as heating pads, ice packs, massagers, and supplements. Penetrex delivers unique ingredients like Arnica, Glucosamine, MSM (DMSO2), Choline, Boswellia Serrata & Vitamin B6 into the tissue to soothe affected areas.  It provides soothing benefits directly to the affected area.

5. Tennis Elbow Grease

tennis elbow grease

This product is pretty much the same as all other creams.   It claims to have 10 active ingredients that penetrate deep into the muscles, nerves, ligaments, and tendons that provide immediate relief from pain in your elbow.

6. Tri Relief Analgesic Pain Relieving Cream

tri relief cream

Again another cream used to reduce joint, muscle pain, and arthritis. It contains 8 Active Ingredients that specifically help to relieve pain. It is a non-greasy, non-staining cream that completely absorbed into the skin and provides long-term relief.

7. Theragold Pain Relief Cream with Manuka Honey

theragold manuka honey

This pain relief cream quickly relaxes muscles and reduces inflammation to reduce pain while simultaneously working to increase blood flow to calm painful nerve endings. Manuka honey contains all-natural pain reliever ingredients that help to reduce pain quickly and effectively.

8. Voltaren Gel

voltaren gel

This NSAID gel was made specifically for the relief of arthritis and joint pain.  Many people who suffer from tennis elbow have reported short term pain relief using this topical gel.  It is one of the newest NSAID gels on the market but reviews have been good so far to date.  This used to be a prescription only gel but has recently been approved for OTC.  What users love the most about this product is that it is non-greasy!

Recommended use from the manufacturer is apply 4 times daily for a maximum of 3 weeks.

But here is what you must understand…

All 8 of these topical creams, irregardless of whether they are NSAID or topical steroid, they are only a band-aid, temporary pain relief solution.

They are NOT effective for the permanent cure and treatment of tennis elbow.


Because in order to overcome and fully heal/recover from tennis elbow, you need to repair, build up and strengthen your forearm extensor muscles and tendon.

But here is what really works…

It literally takes 3 minutes every other day to fully recover from tennis elbow.

These 5 simple steps that you can do while sitting on your couch, watching your favorite TV show or movie, have worked for literally thousands of tennis elbow sufferers just like you.

Give them a try before you spend your hard earned cash on creams or lotions.



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