Defeat Golfers Elbow Using This Simple 5 Step Formula And Guide

golfers elbow guide

An injury to any part of your body is a real bummer.

It not only stops you from doing the things you love to do, but it can dramatically impact your daily routine.

An injury to your arm, more specifically your elbow region – such as golfers elbow can be extremely challenging to overcome and fully recover from.

In this post, you will learn everything you need to know about how to successfully heal and recover from your inner elbow condition.

And that includes causes, symptoms treatment strategies and a detailed program you can get started with right away.

Are you in?

I certainly hope so.

Here we go!

First let’s address the symptoms of golfers elbow.

The first indication that you may have this condition is pain and tenderness on the medial(inner) side of your elbow.

If you press on the inside of your elbow right around that bony protrusion, it should be extremely tender to the touch.

You may even notice that the pain on the inside of your elbow gets worse if you are constantly gripping and squeezing an object combined with wrist flexion(bending your wrist).

Another common sign of this condition is inflammation and/or swelling on the inner part of your elbow/upper inner forearm.

Depending on how long you’ve been battling golfers elbow, if it’s been less than 3 weeks, you most likely can see the inflammation.

If you are not certain, simply measure around your affected elbow with a measuring tape and then compare the two to see if there is a difference in size.

Individuals who’ve had their condition for longer than 3 weeks, will most likely have no visible signs of swelling but …

That doesn’t mean that your injury is getting better!

Swelling and inflammation is simply your own body’s way of protecting itself from further injury.

symptoms of golfers elbow

Even when you have a cut on your hand, leg, or arm and it starts to bleed, you notice that the area swells.

This is an example of your body responding to injury.

Inflammation is completely natural and something that your body must go through in order to fully heal.

I should also point out over here is a great source for information on these types of injuries.

Next let’s take a look at some of the causes of golfers elbow.

First of all, as the name suggests, golfers are at high risk of developing this injury.

But golfers can also get tennis elbow.

And tennis players can suffer from golfers elbow.

Learn everything you need to know about tennis elbow right here along with a cheeky video presentation.

So what’s the deal here?

It’s clearly not just about which sport you participate in that puts you at risk of one injury or the other.

If you play a round of golf every now and then and all of a sudden complain of elbow pain, the majority of individuals will quickly diagnose you on the spot and offer their opinion in the form of, “Oh I bet that’s golfer’s elbow you have”.

This is not always the case!

Medial epicondylitis which is the medical term for this condition is usually caused when your forearm flexor muscles which connect via your flexor tendons to your medial epicondyle become strained and even torn due to excessive force and strain.

For example, when a golfer strikes down on a ball which results in a huge divot, this is called a “fat shot”.

If you’ve ever played golf, you know that this sends extreme force and vibration up your golf shaft.

This vibration gets absorbed by your forearm flexor muscles and tendons.

This is an example of how this injury can happen.

In other instances, if you have weak forearm flexor muscles, you are considered high risk for this injury.

Having weak forearm muscles and performing some DIY work around your home on the weekend, using contraction tools or power tools can cause you to develop golfers elbow.

causes of golfers elbow

But that’s just part of the story!

And what about effective treatment strategies?

I could do a complete separate article on this alone but I want to give you as much detail and information as I can so you can finally put your injury behind you!

Here is what you MUST understand if you ever want to 100% heal and recover!

The following “treatments” for golfers elbow are a complete waste of money and time.

Elbow braces, straps and armbands = FAIL.

My reasoning and support behind this is because the last thing you want to do when you suffer from any sort of repetitive strain injury is too totally immobilize and restrict movement of the affected limb.

Sitting around at home watching TV while wearing an elbow strap or any sort of support will make your condition worse.

In order to heal properly, the affected tissues MUST have a steady supply of fresh blood to flush out the toxic blood that pools in your elbow when wearing these useless devices.

You know where elbow braces, straps and armbands belong?

In the garbage!

golfers elbow treatments

Then some Doctors say you should take anti-inflammatory medication.

While this provides pain relief, especially in the early days, it by no means is a treatment remedy.

Sure you can mask the pain with the pills but…

Do you really want to continue popping pills all your life just so you can get through your day without inner elbow pain?

There has got to be a more permanent and effective solution right?

Well yes there is and I am going to get that…

When the elbow braces and pills don’t work, your Doctor will most likely recommend that you take a series of cortisone injections.

Again, cortisone injections for golfers elbow = FAIL.

Ok well not totally.

If you want 4 – 6 weeks of pain relief, then they can be effective but

As a long term fix and remedy, it is not the way to go.

There are countless articles and stories online that support my case of not getting cortisone shots.

And that they may actually do more harm than good.

To make a long story short and without you having to read these articles.

What it all breaks down to is that continuous injections into your damaged elbow tendons can actually cause your tendon to weaken and even die.

And I’m sure you wouldn’t want any tissue or muscle in your body to die.

Am I correct?

Ok so know that you know more about golfers elbow, the symptoms, causes and failed treatments…

It’s time to focus on your recovery and what really works to overcome golfers elbow for good.

What many people who suffer from golfers and tennis elbow don’t realize or have never heard of

Is that the treatment for golfer’s and tennis elbow is exactly the same.

And want to know the best part?

This proven treatment formula can be done in the comfort of your own home without the need for any medical supplies, equipment or exercise gadgets.

Everything you need to fully heal is readily available in your home – yet most people don’t even know it.

Go now and watch this short instructional video tutorial which explains the easy-to-follow steps you can do right now and start healing fast.

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