Elbow Pain From Arm Wrestling: Quick 5 Ways to Block It Fast

elbow pain arm wrestling


In arm wrestling elbow injuries are very common.

So much so that, pulling with an opponent is almost impossible.  

Let alone pinning them and winning the match.

Even using a strap, does nothing to lessen your elbow pain when arm wrestling but …

Here`s the thing…

This pain can be experienced on the inside or medial side of the elbow or on the outside of the elbow, also known as the lateral side of the elbow.

Today we will focus on when your pain is felt on the outside or lateral side of your elbow.

This condition is more commonly referred to as tennis elbow.

The more classic form of tennis elbow is when the forearm muscles on the lateral side of the forearm which connect at the lateral epicondyle start to experience pain and discomfort.

These muscles are responsible for the flexion of your wrist and fingers. 

These all connect at the lateral epicondyle of your elbow.

These muscles that lay on top of your forearm are also responsible for supination of your forearm.

The explosive acceleration and torque at the start of your arm wrestling match puts extreme strain on your elbow.

The longer you stay in the saddle pulling with your opponent, the greater the risk of muscle and tendon tears developing.

For the majority of arm wrestlers, the one who creates the most torque is most likely to win…

Unless you are Devon Larratt, who is known to wear his opponents down as his stamina is off the charts.

How to Improve Arm Wrestling Torque

When it comes to arm wrestling, there are basically 2 ways to improve your torque.

Hitting the gym everyday will increase your strength and thus increase the amount of torque you produce.

If you start to experience elbow pain working out, check out this simple trick to stop it fast.

And secondly, increasing the horizontal gap between from your opponent`s hand to their elbow.


It does not matter if you are a top roller or a hooker, pain in the elbow is common across both techniques.

Read more on how to dominate in arm wrestling over here.

Classic tennis elbow is when you have inflammation at the connection point or possible degeneration of the lateral extensor tendon.

One of the biggest mistakes that arm wrestlers make when trying to overcome tennis elbow is taking time off and staying away from the table.

Here is why this is a big mistake!

The fastest way to overcome tennis elbow, regardless of how you got it, is to focus on building up strength in your forearms and even more so …

Strengthening the extensor tendon which attaches these weak muscles at the lateral epicondyle.

Arm Wrestling Strengthening Exercises

Want to Watch Full Video instead of reading?

Let`s start with range of motion exercise 1:

Forearm extension curls:

You will need a small dumbbell.  If you do not have one, a can of soup will work just as well.

It is not about how much weight you use, it is more important to focus on the range of motion and repetitions.  You can slowly increase the amount of weight you use over time as you build up the strength in your forearm muscles and extensor tendon.

pain elbow arm wrestling

elbow pain left arm wrestling

Start out with 2 sets of 15 repetitions.

Forearm supination:

Again, your forearm muscles perform supination of your forearm – attaching at the lateral epicondyle of your elbow.

Again you can use a dumbbell or can of soup or even a hammer will do the trick.

Please focus on the range of motion rather than how much weight you can use.

It is important to slowly build up these muscles over time.

supination 1

supination 2

It is not uncommon for tennis elbow sufferers to have muscle problems further down or up the body chain.

Alternatively you can use a broomstick or baseball to perform this Forearm Supination rotation exercise.

tip 3

supination 3

Down the chain from your elbow is your wrist.  And up from the chain of your elbow is your shoulder.

If you have had a wrist or shoulder injury in the past, or perhaps even still have one, this could also be a source of your tennis elbow problem.

The majority of shoulder problem can be attributed to weak shoulder external rotators.

Shoulder rotator exercise

Simply lie on the floor and perform this simple exercise to increase the strength in your shoulder external rotators.

Perform 2 sets of 15 repetitions.

shoulder rotation strengthening

strengthen shoulder rotator

The last exercise to do to help strengthen your forearm muscles and extensor tendon is called radial deviation.

I would recommend you use a hammer or broom handle or even a baseball bat.

Again 2 sets of 15 repetitions will work well as you start your rehab.

radial deviation

radial deviation 2

Remember to always use pain as a reminder as to when to stop.

Do not overdo these exercises especially at the beginning. 

If you feel immediate pain when doing any of these 4 exercises, stop immediately and move onto the next.

Try decreasing the weight you are using and just use the range of motion.

Implement these 5 exercises and you will be back arm wrestling in no time – pain free of course.

But you if you are looking to return to the table even faster…

Check out these more advanced techniques to cure tennis elbow at home.

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