Eliminate Elbow Pain When Mopping In Just 3 Steps

elbow pain mopping

The future is here. We are really close to the days when robots and cleaning machines put a shine on our floors.

But until it becomes feasible and simple to implement, good old mops are still the way to put a perfect shine on any floor surface.

Am I right?

It doesn`t matter if you are a janitor in a school, hospital, large corporation, or simple cleaning at home – I am willing to bet that at some point you started to experience elbow pain when mopping and sweeping floors. You may even still be suffering.

There is no question that sweeping and mopping day after day can take its toll on your body – despite your age or level of physical fitness.

For the simple fact, that mopping and sweeping is a repetitive task and motion.

It directly impacts the muscles in your arms, shoulders and back.

And if you are a janitor, you know first hand that over time your elbow can be directly impacted and affect your ability to shine and clean the floors.

And if vacuuming, sweeping and mopping is a requirement for your job, there is a good chance time is a factor as you have to complete so many rooms or floors daily.

But here is what you must understand.

There are very simple things you can do right now to stop your elbow pain and get the job done in record time.

Any time saving measures you can implement, translates into more break time.

And who doesn’t like more breaks on the job!

I hear you.

The simplest tip and recommendation I can give you is to first look at your equipment.

The days of the old school mops are long gone. You know the ones that look like a reggae man’s dreadlocks but are white in color.

They are the absolute worst mops to use as they are heavy, quickly filled with bacteria and are a nightmare to wring out.

Wouldn’t you agree?

A heavier mop head requires you to apply more strength to cover the floor surface.

And if you are doing huge areas and floors, the constant grip required to push and pull the mop can quickly cause inflammation at your elbow.

Overtime the small muscles and tendons which connect at your elbow can develop small tears which results in pain and discomfort.

You may even notice the same sort of pain in your elbow when shoveling snow or dirt. Read more about this.

The second thing to consider is your technique when doing the floors.

I was surprised to learn that there really is a strategy and technique to mopping and sweeping floors.

I thought it was be best to show you a video on what is best advised to keep you safe on the job and how you can decrease the amount of time you spend in one area cleaning up.

Proper Mopping Floor Technique

As we can see from the video, your first step is to frame out an area that you intend to clean.

Go the furthest point away from your exit point and get busy!

The best strategy is to mop in a figure 8 motion as you move backwards towards the exit.

Picture yourself as if you are in a box and continue mopping until the box is spic and span.

Move onto the your next target area and repeat the same steps, starting with framing out your section to clean.

People are talking about this same topic over at Reddit.

And last but not least ….

Think about changing your grip on the mop handle.

If you are constantly gripping with your left hand further down the handle, right hand at the top of the mop handle – switch things up!

This will take the pressure off your dominant(stronger) hand.

This is also usually the same arm which you are experiencing elbow pain.

Am I right?

Mop Handle Grip Matters

Another simple trick is to move from an overhand grip to an underhand grip.

I know this sounds all to easy to do but if you are mopping floors for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week – overtime this will help ease your elbow pain and make you more productive.

But here is the big question I am sure you have.

What if I have already damaged the tendons and ligaments that attach at my elbow? Is there anything I can do to help relieve the pain quickly and continue to work?

Luckily the answer is Yes!

If you are like most people with elbow pain, it is the outer part of your elbow that is affected.


This condition is called tennis elbow.

And it affects millions of people each year where 95% of the reported cases are from tennis players.

Bet you did not know that!

It is an annoying condition where the extensor tendon which attaches on the outer part of your elbow becomes inflamed, irritated and sometimes small tears develop.

And as you have personally experienced, the pain is usually caused by performing repetitive motions combined with a constant firm grip on an object(mop handle).

This repetition of squeezing and holding down on the handle causes irritation and inflammation of the extensor tendon at your elbow.

Thankfully, you do not need to throw fist fulls of cash and money on overcoming tennis elbow.

There are just 5 easy steps you can do right now to jump start your recovery and quickly stop your pain naturally.

Simply click on the button below to see for yourself, these 5 simple steps in action.

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