Smother Burning Elbow Pain in Just 5 Easy Steps At Home

burning elbow pain


If you are like most people, you work a 9-5 job.  Overtime, the daily grind can catch up on you and take it`s toll on your body.

You start to experience aches and pains that you never had before.

Is this normal?

Of course!


When these pains and aches start to impact your daily grind, it can be a real nuisance.

Are you just starting to experience burning elbow pain? 

Does your elbow sometimes feel like you are sun tanning in Las Vegas in the summer without any SPF protection?

If this sounds like you then, then this in-depth article will give you some very quick and easy steps ..

To smother and choke out your burning elbow pain for good.

Here’s the thing:

The elbow burning sensation is most likely a symptom of a larger problem.

Repetitive strain injuries that disturb your elbow can be quite frustrating to conquer, so please read this article to the very end so you know exactly what you are dealing with.

What does it mean when your elbow burns?

Think about the following:

Have you been pushing and working your affected arm/elbow hard on things that are not normally part of your daily routine?

For example, have you just done some renovation work or perhaps began a new hobby or sporting activity that causes your arm to fatigue?

Were you constantly bending or extending your wrist, maybe combined with a little forearm or elbow rotation?

Try this easy test:

elbow burns

Stand up and start by extending your painful arm out in front of you, parallel with the floor.

Now extend your wrist towards the ceiling, fingers pointed towards the ceiling.

Now reach around with your other hand and grab the top of you fingers.

Pull your fingers towards you.

Tenderness, throbbing pain in your forearm or inner/outer elbow?

Did you answer Yes?

If so, stop and think for a minute what this could be possibly be and has the burn in your elbow been getting worse as the days and weeks go by?

If you are like so many others, you perhaps ignored these early warning signs and your condition has probably worsened.

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Locating the area of pain is key to a swift recovery.

Wondering about Burning Sensation on Elbow Skin?

Is the pain localized in your inner elbow as pictured below:

burning on the inside of the elbow

Is burning elbow pain occurring on the outside of your elbow as in the image below:

burning on the outside of the elbow

As I mentioned before:

It is absolutely crucial that you zoom in and identify the primary location of your elbow troubles.

These 2 diagrams above illustrate 2 of the most common types of elbow injuries where you would expect a fire like sensation in or around your elbow.

Read this post to Learn more About Elbow Burning Sensations

Diagram 1 shows the area in which burning inner elbow pain occurs from golfers elbow.

Golf players are not alone as a group who are afflicted and cursed with this condition.

Sharp pain in your inner elbow is a common complaint.

It is known to be tender to the touch and gets worse when you hold or squeeze an object is referred to as golfers elbow.

Frequently repeated actions such as bending and flexing of your wrist are known causes – usually while holding an object in your hand.

As you constantly perform wrist extension, the burning sensation sets in and only gets worse as you continue the action and movement.

In order to be successful in anything, the key is to learn as much as you can so you can take proactive steps and measures to make better decisions.

Let me explain with an example …

A baseball games require that a player must take their turn at the plate and be capable of swinging a bat.

To properly swing at a pitch, the player must first firmly grip the bat in their hands.

One second before ball contact with the bat, they squeeze tightly on the bat which puts serious strain on the forearm flexor muscles and tendons.

As you grip down tightly and then relax your grip on the bat waiting for each pitch, your muscles and tendons become engaged which can cause irritation and inflammation on the inside of the elbow.

The burning sensation and pain you are experiencing is due to these forearm flexor muscles and tendons becoming irritated and inflamed.

Just like any other injury, rest gives your elbow time to heal and pain to subside, but what if you can’t?

But that’s not all …

The location in which you are experiencing a burning pain on the outside of your elbow, is clearly depicted in diagram 2 above.

This diagram signifies and points to a tennis elbow injury.

It’s the most prevailing RSI where an individual complains of pain on the outside of elbow.

Common symptoms are burning, tenderness and aching in the elbow.

There are similarities between these 2 conditions – both of these injuries are caused by doing innocent but repetitive actions with your dominant arm for long durations.

What is different is that with tennis elbow injuries, it is performing wrist and forearm extension( bending of the wrist upwards) which gets you in trouble and is responsible for you pain and misery.

It’s time for an example:

Chopping. dicing and slicing veggies is something that most people do at least once a day.

Innate movements such as gripping a knife, we simply take for granted without considering the muscles involved.

Here’s something else:

Consider the strain on your forearm muscles and elbow tendons from just chopping 2 or 3 carrots…

Just merely consider your local chef who is under pressure and short on time to chop maybe 50 carrots, not to mention the other food items they have to chop and cut on a daily basis.

You wouldn’t normally think that chopping vegetables such as carrots is a strenuous activity that involves super human strength and power.

Pain is not symptomatic from the strength required for the activity, but rather the repeated action of hacking away with a sharp knife that eventually causes injury to your elbow.

Then add it all up – 8 hours a day for the work week over a full year.

This is a scrumptious yet toxic menu for developing injuries such as golfers and tennis elbow.

As I mentioned earlier …

There are only 5 simple steps that you must master, to cool down the burning sensations in your elbow while being performed in the comfort of your home or office.

Better still …

You can get all the details in the brief video presentation below that shows you everything you need to know plus …

You will undoubtedly save both time and money, plus heal and recover rapidly.

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