Got Chipped Elbow Bone: Immediately Do This Before It Is Too Late

chipped elbow boneDrink your milk, is what my mother always told me.

Milk will make your bones strong!

Well Mom, I am happy to say that my bones are strong until they come into contact with a hard surface.

Here are some quick links to get you going:

  1. Elbow anatomy
  2. Signs of a chipped elbow bone
  3. What can be done about it
  4. How long does it take to heal

And …

Accidentally hitting your elbow on a hard surface is so painful that, I am sure you have rhymed off a few four letter words if you have ever done it.

Wouldn`t you agree?

So the question is, can you actually chip your elbow bone when it comes into contact with a hard surface?

And …

How can you tell if you have a chipped elbow bone or actually fractured your elbow?

First we need a little anatomy lesson.

elbow anatomy

Your elbow is actually the connection point of three bones: humerus, radius and ulna.

Your humerus bone is the bone at the top of your arm which connects at your shoulder and also at the elbow.

It joins/meets at the ulna and radius bones to form your elbow.

Your radius bone runs along the top of your forearm down to your thumb.

Your ulna bone runs along the bottom of your forearm down to your little finger.

So when your break your elbow, it is more than likely you have broken or caused a chip to one of these three bones.

You may notice that when you strike your elbow, sometimes you get this tingling or shooting sensation run up or down your arm.

You can download an interesting pdf on this topic right here.

But here is what you must understand…

It is not your elbow that is causing this sensation, in fact what you have done is compressed your ulnar nerve that runs along the backside of your elbow.

The tingling or funny sensation usually goes away within a minute or two.

But what if it doesn`t and the pain simply increases?

Check out my other post on the top 12 elbow injuries that can make simple, everyday tasks ever so challenging and discomforting.

What in case you’ve honestly chipped a bone in your elbow?

Or even worse…

Your elbow is still swollen and inflamed some hours or days after you injured it.

In case you’ve without a doubt, you have fractured one of the 3 bones or taken a chip from your elbow. This can be confused sometimes with breaking your elbow.

Although rare, having a bone chip can happen where a small fragment of bone splinters away from a larger bone.

While a fracture happens to one of the 3 bones, the most common cause is blunt impact on a hard surface or being struck with a solid object such as a baseball or bat.

signs of elbow bone chipped

Here are some common symptoms of a chipped elbow bone:

  • elbow tender to touch at the point of impact
  • decreased range of motion
  • irritation and swelling around your elbow
  • noticeable discoloration and bruising below the skin at your elbow
  • sometimes tingling and numbness in your fingers, hand and/or wrist can be experienced for days

You are probably wondering…

Is it possible to actually feel the piece of bone floating around in your elbow?

Quite simple put, Yes!

In extreme cases, depending on the size of the piece of bone that has been chipped off, it can actually protrude from your skin and be very noticeable.

What can be done for a chipped elbow bone?

First of all, see your Doctor immediately if you feel loose bone in your elbow.

An x-ray will be ordered to discover exactly which of the 3 bones you have injured.

In most cases, depending on the size of the free floating bone chip, you could require surgical treatment to remove it.

It is possible that your Doctor recommends you wear an arm sling for a few days or even strap your affected elbow.

How long does it take for your chipped elbow to heal?

This is the million dollar question that everyone wants answered.

But…fact is …

It could take numerous weeks for your bone to fully heal and repair itself.

In extreme, rather rare cases, your Doctor may even be a little more aggressive and recommend that your arm be positioned into a cast to limit range of motion and accelerate the recovery time.

As for treatment, after the bone has healed and cast removed from your affected arm, you may have to endure weeks of expensive physical therapy, which will most likely be recommended by your Doctor.

Now …

Here`s the thing …

I am not against physical therapy but …

Why would you shell out hundreds of dollars of your hard earned cash for PT treatments that I am going to show you for free!

To be brutally honest with you …

You can do your own physical therapy and rehab at home using just 5 simple steps without having to take time out of your busy schedule or purchase expensive exercise equipment to do awkward movements – without even a guarantee that they will work!

So what are these 5 simple steps and how quickly can you start?

Check out this blueprint, fail-proof formula that anyone can do at home, regardless of how severe your injury is.

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