Got Elbow Pain From Boxing Ring: 6 Tips To Stop It Fast

elbow pain boxingSports are played all over the world with much enthusiasm.

And some are that we love to play with such efforts that we ignore the drastic health consequences it might have on an individual.

In some cases, the pain is temporary like a backache or swollen muscles.

And in some cases, it is permanent.

Various sports are played all over the world which are dangerous and are still played with great zeal.

Boxing is one such sport that requires a person to be in good physical health and have all body parts working perfectly.

Be it bones, joints or body mass, everything is required to be in good working conditions.

There are some temporary and/or permanent consequences to the sport of boxing.

… And Tendonitis is one of them.

Pain in the elbow when boxing other opponents is often a complaint from people who box on regular basis.

Not sure you have an elbow strain or sprain …Be sure to read it as it will quickly explain the difference between the two.

So what exactly is it and why should you be concerned?

Tendonitis, in layman language, is inflammation in any part of your body where the soft tissues have been overused or irritated.

It just so happens that in boxing, many boxers get in it their elbows.

Tendons attaches your muscles to your bones.

These structures between bone and muscle swells because of the constant pressure, resulting in tendon injuries at the elbow.

Here is the thing…

With this condition, it is very difficult to move the elbow even for the smallest of tasks.

Simply opening and closing your fist can cause a lot of pain.

And …

Trying to twist the lid off a jar of jam humbles you to the strength of a 2 year old.

These overused tissues become so inflamed that they can take a long amount of time to recover fully.

Your elbow tendonitis, can be simply accelerate and with time get worse if not treated properly or on time.

Simply put …the constant impact of your fists on solids objects sends the impact up your wrist, forearm and is absorbed by the tissues which connect at your elbow.

Check out the great advice from the Great Britain Boxing forum on how to overcome elbow problems associated with this sport.

So what does this mean?

It means that your connective tissues at your elbow absorb the majority of the hard blows.

The condition can worsen if not treated not properly.

Later in the article, we further talk about the intensity of how bad it can get and the treatments for it.

But first…

Let`s talk about some causes.

causes of pain in elbow boxing

There are various reasons that could have caused the pain in your elbow from boxing.

First and foremost is the pressure that is constantly put on the elbow.

Wearing gloves or no gloves does not seem to make that much of a difference…


The thicker the glove(heavier), it can provide some cushioning in the long run but…

This to can be dangerous as you may be ignoring pain in your elbow before it actually becomes a serious injury.

Because the force with each punch and with the same intensity of a long training sessions is what is dangerous to the elbow.

For the most part, if you are dominant with your right hand, you will most likely develop tennis elbow in this elbow first.

Constant heavy bag work, is a huge contributing factor when suffering from tennis elbow.

For the simple reason…

There is very little give in the heavy bag.

That means your elbow is absorbing most of the shock!

The more you incorporate a punching bag into your training, the higher the chance you will experience greater elbow discomfort.

But if a lighter punching bag is used and especially in the beginning stages of boxing, the chances of sore elbows are less likely to occur.

Some people argue that injuries are a result of age and sports like boxing must not be continued beyond the age of 35.

Don`t tell that to Floyd Mayweather!

So now that you have learned a little more about tennis elbow and how it affects boxers, we will go a little deeper into the symptoms associated with it.

symptoms to watch out for

What most people fail to realize …

Is that the pain they start to experience and develop in their elbows is never sudden.

It is built up over a time.

The ratio of time is variable.

It is subjective from one person to another.

One thing is for certain…

Swelling in your elbow is never good.

And with that, movement of the elbow is also restricted.

In some cases, movie of the wrist is also a case faced when the elbow is affected.

Second, your shoulder can also be impacted.

You can develop should injuries such as adhesive capsulitis.

Most shoulder injuries can have a dramatic impact on your sleeping which in turn will affect your training.

I recommend you read this article which provides some help and advice for both amateur and professional boxers.

Should you worry whether your injury will be permanent?

In the initial stages, the intensity of elbow pain is not much and the boxer is spared sometime before he/she could realize.

And when they face difficulty in moving their elbows, the daily exercises are hard to cope up with.

If the elbow pain is not diagnosed on time, it could turn from chronic to acute that is from short term to long term effects.

But with right treatments, this can be avoided.

Treatment For Your Injury

  • A common treatment of dealing with elbow injuries is tissue massage of the affected hand from the upper region to the lower in slow motion. Use olive oil.
  • Ice is also one good solution to the swollen elbows.
  • OTC anti-inflammatory tablets can be effective in the short term only.
  • Using limited force and a lesser number of repetitions.(ie: shorter training sessions and longer breaks in between sparing)
  • Strengthening muscles from wrists could also for a more permanent recovery and less change of re-injury.
  • Make sure that your hand and knuckles are taped properly as they absorb some shock and do not let it pass to your elbow.
  • Blood flow is also interrupted when such condition occurs. So, in order to avoid that, incorporate some simple wrist and forearm stretches for better blood flow before and after training.


Does your Diet play a part in how fast you recover?

Healthier food choices are recommended to help accelerate any kind of injury or illness.

Some foods are more rich in vitamins and minerals than others.

A simple homeopathic recipe you could try is fresh celery juice in warm water.

8 to 10 drops in a 8oz glass of water can help with inflammation.

Secondly, fish is a good source of omega fatty acids that help in rebuilding your torn tendons.

On that note, spinach has also been recommended by nutritionists when trying to overcome soft tissue issues.

Other foods you should eat daily are broccoli, cabbage, nuts and most important, green tea.

You can add honey, if it suits to your taste.

Using chicken in most of your foods helps add much needed protein.

Protein is the building blocks to muscle and tissue repair.

Other important aspect that many people overlook when trying to recover from any kind of muscle or tendon injury is …

Take some days off.

You will come back stronger and your career can be extended because of days off.

As with any and all muscle and tissue injuries, exercise plays a pivotal role in rehab and recovery.

Here are some exercises to get you back or keep you in the ring longer:

Exercises to strengthen Elbow:

shadow boxing

Shadow Boxing is throwing loose punches in the air, imagining as if the opponent is standing on the front.

These are rapid motion punches which do not put any impact on the elbow and are best to prepare the body for the upcoming hardcore exercise.

This is a slow process that is beneficial in a way that it does not make a sudden impact but forces the boxer to slow down.

speed bag work

Even if some of us were punching bags in high school, it’s time to hit one.

Any boxing training center has a punching bag placed somewhere.

And it is available in gyms as well.

Starting with a light weight punching bag, a boxer must train with a punching bag in order to gain its way around punching without impact.

And one biggest advantage of a punching bag is that they don’t hit back.

wrist strengthening

Not only Boxers, but anyone can avoid elbow pain by strengthening their wrist muscles.

By lifting the weight downward slowly for 3-5 seconds and pulling up more rapidly can help with building a strong muscle in your wrists.

  1. Build strength from the shoulders area

Because all of the muscles in the body are connected.

It is important to keep them balanced.

Weak should muscles can put more strain on your arm muscles.

Incorporate some side lateral raises with your boxing conditioning to help maintain strong deltoids.

  1. Conditioning the bicep/triceps

Again when it comes to weight training, never skip arm day.

Be sure to mix it up with dumbbells and barbells.

Curls and tricep extensions are the goto exercises for keeping your bi`s and tri`s in shape.

  1. Slow knuckle pushups

Placing the knuckles on the ground and slowly doing pushups helps build overall upper body strength.

Doing pushups on your knuckles will help toughen your hands as it mimics striking and punching.

So know that you know the name and the source of your elbow condition…

Want to learn five easy steps that you can do at home to help you overcome your tennis elbow fast?

Click here to watch a short video clip that explains these five steps.

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