TAE Offers New Hope for Tennis Elbow Patients

tae for tennis elbowIf you or a loved one have ever been struck down with tennis elbow, you know that it is nothing to laugh about.

The pain can be so severe that even holding a hot cup of coffee can bring tears to your eyes.

But now there is hope …

Outside of other traditional treatments …

In the way of transcatheter arterial embolization or TAE for short.

For the majority of sufferers, the pain starts out relatively mild with very little symptoms.

Overtime, the pain increases and gets progressively worse to the point that simply shaking hands or holding a coffee cup with confidence is no longer possible.

The warning signs are always there but …

In the majority of cases, people simply ignore the signs and carry on with the activities that are causing the pain in the first place.

It is not until it dramatically affects our everyday tasks that we tend to take our condition seriously.

But here is the thing…

The longer you wait to seek treatment, the longer your recovery may take.

This is the newest wave of treatment options after the sonogram machine had been introduced.

If you have never had a sonogram machine used on your tennis elbow injury, you can read more about it on a post I wrote a couple of weeks ago.

Maybe it could work for you.

And at this point, I am sure you are willing to try just about anything for quick pain relief.

Am I right?

What we know about tennis elbow is that is an overuse injury that is caused from daily routine repetitive movements.

These could be from playing sports such as golf, racket sports, volleyball, bowling.

Your job could be the source of your misery.

Jobs such as manual labor, carpentry, cooking, computer work are all considered classic high risk occupations.

The classic signs of tennis elbow can include any or all of the following:

  1. Loss of grip strength in affected arm
  2. Frequent dropping of items and articles on the floor(irregardless of weight or size)
  3. Inability to full straighten arm
  4. Burning sensations on the outer part of affected arm
  5. General arm stiffness and irritability
  6. Tendency to favor affected arm
  7. Waking at night with pain in affected arm

If you have any of these symptoms, you have tennis elbow.

There is absolutely no question about it.

tennis elbow affects americans

Many sufferers end up turning to swallowing handfuls of pain killers daily just to get through their day.

But here is what you must understand…

Pain pills are great for taking care if your symptoms but…

They are simply not a permanent solution to your tennis elbow injury.

Invasive options for tennis elbow can include:

  1. Surgery
  2. Cortisone shots
  3. Acupuncture

Most people want a less invasive procedure which is a permanent solution and not just a band aid solution.

So this is where the transcatheter arterial embolization comes into play.

The lead Doctor of the study involving this TAE treatment for tennis elbow was Yuji Okuno, M.D., Ph.D.

You should know that this kind of treatment has already been used and proven effective in other parts of the body.

So Dr. Okuno decided to give it a try in tennis elbow sufferers.

The sample size for the study included 52 patients, all with various stages of tennis elbow.

They had all tried the pills, elbow braces, medical gadgets, traditional treatments – all without success.

You can read the full report over at the Imaging Technology News website.

So how does TAE work?

The patient lies on a table.

In total the entire procedure takes

A small hole the size of a needle head is made in the wrist area to access the radial artery.

Of course this is performed under anesthesia.

A catheter is moved along the wrist towards the elbow where the patient has inflammation and pain.

This prevents and blocks excessive blood flow to the damaged tendons and tissues in your elbow.

What I find quite amazing about this procedure is that you do not require Physical Therapy post op.

As this procedure was performed on 52 patients, there were no adverse side effects reported by any of the patients participating in the study.

The 52 patients were then checked upon after 4 years of receiving the TAE.

Their pain reduction scores were scored using 4 methods:

  1. Pain free grip strength
  2. Visual analog pain score rating
  3. Quick disability shoulder, arm and hand scores
  4. Patient rated Tennis elbow evaluation scores

So what is my take on this TAE procedure?  Should you go for it?

Here`s the thing when it comes to tennis elbow …

By the time people realize that they have it, they will simply shoot fish in a barrel in hopes for something that will provide a long term solution.

And …

In many cases, this does not pan out the way people want it too.

What I can tell you not only from first hand experience in suffering from tennis elbow for over 7 years AND …

Educating people on this topic since 2006 is that tennis elbow needs a proven treatment strategy that YOU REALLY NEED TO COMMIT TOO!

Forget the pain medications …

Forget the elbow braces …

Forget the useless medical gadgets …

Forget steroid injections …

These are simply short term fixes for a potentially life long disability.

I have literally taught over 100, 000 people how to effectively overcome tennis elbow, without spending a single nickel.

And the best part …

You can do it using items found in your home, basement or garage.

Forget the back and forth to Dr`s and specialists.

Watch my video that guides you through 5 steps to successfully overcome tennis elbow from comfort of your couch.

watch this video for help

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