Tennis Elbow Ice Therapy Wrap

Want to Substantially Accelerate Your Healing and Cut Your Recovery Time by 67%?

Icing your elbow is a vital and critical step if you want to permanently cure your tennis elbow and stop your pain and inflammation – dead in it`s tracks.

The icing process is critical because it aids in reducing swelling and inflammation as your elbow goes through the healing process.

Wearing a tennis elbow ice therapy wrap is vital especially within the first 2-3 weeks of your injury as it will definitely kick start your recovery.

A Mueller re-freezable tennis elbow ice therapy wrap worn just twice a day dramatically promotes healing and recovery time of your tennis elbow time.

It is an essential, supplemental tool that when combined with the Tennis Elbow Secrets
Revealed Program will increase your recovery time by 67%.

Simply place the ice therapy wrap in your freezer for 2 hours and then apply it to your affected elbow for 10-15 minute intervals – twice a day.

The cold compression dives deep into your injured muscles, tendons and ligaments to provide soothing relief and faster recovery time from tennis elbow. Wearing this ice therapy wrap will have you returning to your favorite sports and hobbies much faster than you think!

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