Tennis Elbow Secrets Revealed DVD

tennis-elbow-secrets-revealed-dvd In addition to accessing and downloading the Tennis Elbow Secrets Revealed Videos online, the majority of customers have been asking for a DVD version

Here’s just a taste of some of the topics discussed:

Elbow Anatomy – you’ll learn exactly what structures of the elbow you have damaged and how to repair and strengthen your elbow in the shortest possible time.

The significance of scar tissue – the type of scar tissue that develops with tennis elbow is not like other types of scar tissue. Learn what makes tennis elbow scar tissue different but more importantly how to get rid of it.

Tennis Elbow Causes – Despite what you may have heard, tennis elbow is not usually caused by playing tennis. You’ll discover the types of activities and hobbies that contribute to 95% of all tennis elbow cases.

Tennis Elbow Test – Instead of having to spend your hard earned cash on a visit to your doctors office or physiotherapist, I’ll show you simple test that 99% of all medical professionals use to diagnose tennis elbow — and the best part is that it takes literally seconds to perform – in the comfort of your own home.

Warmup Techniques – You never want to jump straight into a rehab program without a proper warm-up – WHY? Avoiding a warm-up could result in more damage to your already injured muscles and tendons. I’ll teach you a warm-up technique that gets the blood flowing to your muscles to prevent further damage as you get started with the program in front of your TV.

Tennis Elbow Stretches – As with any exercise rehab program, everyone knows that stretching before hand helps loosen up your muscles to prepare them for the strengthening phase as you repair and eliminate your tennis elbow pain for good!

Tennis Elbow Exercise Techniques – You’ll learn my 6 step proven, blueprint formula of tennis elbow exercises that have literally helped thousands of sufferers on 5 continents completely cure their tennis elbow from the comfort of home — without any special exercise equipment.

Cross Fiber Friction Massage – This simple massage technique can actually be performed on yourself and it’s purpose is to eliminate scar tissue and improve the blood flow to the damaged tissues which aids in the healing process of your tennis elbow.

We have just launched this version of the program, so while you still get access to the videos online today, we will ship the DVD directly to your doorstep via Air Mail *FREE SHIPPING*, usually within 2-3 business days.

Here’s the deal…because we’ve just released this fantastic, instructional DVD, which is an instrumental visual aid and essential tool in helping you eliminate your tennis elbow pain in the shortest possible time.

Add to Cart Today for just $9.95 and your DVD Ships Today so you can watch it anytime on your DVD player or computer.

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