Tennis Elbow Treatment At Home That Saves You $789

how to treat tennis elbow at home

What if I told you there is a treatment for tennis elbow at home that can save you $789, would I have your attention?

If so, read on so I can show you exactly how I did it and you can too!

When it comes to tennis elbow treatment, everyone seems to have their own opinion as to which remedies work and which doesn’t.

But I can tell you from my own personal experience and foolish mistakes that if you are not careful, you can waste valuable time and money chasing “quick fix” potions and gadgets that are exactly that.

This is how I was able to self treat my tennis elbow from the comfort of my own home but I too got sucked into and was misled by false promises and dead end roads( and yes this included Doctors).

Have you ever the saying that “less is more”?

Well it took me $789 to realize this when I was trying to treat my tennis elbow.

You know that you have tennis elbow if:

  • you experience pain on the outside of your elbow.
  • the pain gets worse and increases when you extend your wrist upwards.
  • the outside of your elbow is painful to the touch and sometimes feels hot.
  • your affected arm is sometimes stiff and hard to fully straighten.
  • the pain sometimes shoots down your forearm and into your hand/wrist.
  • simple activities such as turning a doorknob, opening the fridge door or even gripping the handle on a cup causes elbow pain.

These are simply a list of the most common symptoms of tennis elbow.  Depending on how bad your extensor muscles and tendons have been injured , you may relate to all or just a couple of them.

The following is a list of 8 tennis elbow treatment options, most which are not available at home, but ones that you have most likely wasted your money on and are still suffering:

  1. Pain medication
  2. Elbow straps/bands/supports
  3. Doctors
  4. Cortisone shots
  5. Acupuncture
  6. Physical therapy
  7. PRP injections
  8. Shock wave therapy

Let’s address each one of these and explain why you should opt for home treatment for tennis elbow above and beyond everything else.

1. Pain medication – There is no arguing that when you have pain, no matter where you have it, you want to get rid of it as fast as possible.  This is usually achieved by popping a pill but

Did you know that you could actually making your injury worse instead of better?

pain medication treatment

If you pop a pill to help with your tennis elbow pain relief and then keep doing the same activity, movement or action that has caused your injury, you will make the damage to your forearm extensor muscles and tendons much worse.

By masking the pain with medication, you will not know that you have made your condition worse UNTIL the meds have worn off.

Possible cost of pain medication as a “treatment” that doesn’t work?  $1o a bottle X 12 months = $120.

2. Elbow straps/bands/supports – Although this sounds like a great idea, wearing an elbow brace/support/strap as a treatment for tennis elbow is about as effective as wearing SPF 2 on a UV Index 10 day.

While they may feel comfortable and supportive as you go about your day and provide some temporary pain relief, treating tennis elbow this way is a joke.

treating tennis elbow strap

Just like popping a pill, pulling an elbow brace up over your arm and carrying on with whatever repetitive movement that caused your tennis elbow in the first place, will most definitely add fuel to the fire.  And you won’t even realize it until you take the support off and your arm feels like rubber.

Cost of an elbow brace or strap = $50.

3.  Doctors – While it is a great idea to go and have your elbow Professionally diagnosed by your GP to ensure that you have tennis elbow and not something more serious, did you know that your Doctor is not specialized in tennis elbow treatment?

Chances are that if you have already wasted your time and money at your Doctors in search of tennis elbow relief, you know that all they recommend as a remedy is pain medication, elbow braces or even worse – cortisone shots.

The main reason why they don’t tell you that you can treat your tennis elbow at home is because we all have the need for instant gratification and leaving your Doctor’s office without something “in hand” almost never happens.

Costs associated with tennis elbow treatment from a Doctor who won’t visit your home?  3 visits X $120 = $360( with no guarantee that he/she can cure your condition )

4.  Cortisone shots – If on a scale of 1-10, your pain is a 6 or more, it is not uncommon for your Doctor to recommend cortisone injections as a treatment.  While they can be effective for pain relief in the short term, after 6 weeks you will be right back where you started.

cortisone injections fail

Is this where you want to be?

Cost of one cortisone shot $150.  Most Doctors will recommend giving up to 3 shots.  3 X $150 = $450.

5.  Acupuncture – I tried this for my tennis elbow but then again I’m not afraid of needles.  An acupuncturist usually pricks your elbow with 6 – 10 needles.  This is meant to improve blood flow to your damaged muscles and tendons.  While this can help improve things in the short term, as a long term treatment strategy, acupuncture will not fully heal your tennis elbow for good.  If you got money to burn, then try for a few months and see what your results are.

acupuncture tennis elbow treatment

Cost of acupuncture?  1 session $100 X 12 months = $1200.

6.  Physical therapy – As mentioned earlier, most Doctors(GP’s) don’t specialize in the treatment of tennis elbow or other repetitive strain injuries.  They are great at giving to referrals to people who do.  This is what Physical therapists do but

At what cost?

Physical therapy has shown success in treating tennis elbow but what I discovered is that for a fraction of the cost( $37 to be exact ), I could do the same, exact exercises from the comfort and convenience of my own home.

So save yourself hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on countless and endless trips to a Physiotherapist and learn the exact same techniques that they charge you a fortune for!

1 Physical therapy session $120 X 6 months = $720.

7.  PRP injections – This is a relatively new remedy for tennis elbow which has still not been labeled as a success.  Some patients are benefiting, while others are still relapsing and re-injuring their elbow.

How do PRP injections work?  Basically your Doctor draws blood from you and then injects it straight into your damaged extensor tendon.  If you are lucky enough to have a platelet count above the normal baseline range, this can help speed up and promote the healing of torn tissues.

home treatment prp injection

Cost of one PRP injection = $800.  Subsequent follow up injections = $600.

Again if you are made of money and are not afraid of needles, give it a try but know that like all of the rest above, it is not guaranteed to work.

8. Shock wave therapy treatment – This treatment option is not available to everyone.  It requires specialized equipment in order to perform this procedure.

treatment shock wave therapy

A certified individual will apply a wand like instrument and place it on your elbow.  A shock wave then travels from the device into your elbow.  It is an intense, short energy wave which travels faster than the speed of sound.

The science behind it is that it breaks down scar tissue and helps regenerate new tissue.  Again, if you have access to this specialized equipment, it has shown success in some tennis elbow sufferers but has failed as a treatment for others.

Cost of shock wave therapy treatment, 1 session = $195.

(* Note: All of the costs mentioned above are from personal experience, the cost for you may be more or less.  Total cost that I wasted trying to treat my tennis elbow was $789.)

So as you can see, home treatment for tennis elbow is a lot less expensive than going the more “traditional” route.

Before I reveal to you how to fix tennis elbow, here are some techniques and exercises to help jump start your recovery at home.

You will need some sort of rubber band or flex band for resistance.

Don’t have one?  Get one here.

Drawing the sword

draw sword exercise

  • Imagine you are drawing/pulling a sword from it’s sheath
  • Your thumb facing downwards and then you draw the flexband upwards so that your thumb faces upwards at the top of the motion
  • Lift your arm up and across your body as shown above
  • Perform 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions daily

Throwing with a Flexband

throw flex band exercise

  • Imagine you are throwing a baseball while holding the flexband in the hand of your affected arm
  • Start out in the throwing position and then finish as if you are letting go of the ball so that your arm is straight
  • Perform 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions daily.

Woodchop with Flexband

woodchop flexband exercise

  • Attach a flexband to a high attachment point
  • Grab the flexband with both hands with your affected arm forwards, so in the above picture the affected arm is the left arm
  • Perform 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions daily

Reverse Woodchop with Flexband

reverse woodchop flexband exercise

  • Anchor one end of the flex band under your foot
  • Grab the flexband with both hands
  • Perform this exercise with your affected arm out in front, in this pic it is the right arm
  • From a low position, pull the flexband up and across your body to the opposite shoulder as shown above
  • Perform 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions daily.

These above home treatment tips for tennis elbow are just a sample of what a physical therapist would charge you $120 to do in his/her office.  So why not give them a try at home?

Applying heat to your elbow before and after the exercises can help improve blood flow and accelerate your healing time.

Your lifestyle can dramatically affect how quickly you recover from tennis elbow or simply go around in circles of having pain and then no pain and then pain again.

Taking time away from activities that cause pain in your affected elbow is key to a successful recovery.

If you are not made of money and want treatment for tennis elbow that you can do at home, then this easy to follow, step by step system is the way to go.

It has been showing people since 2005 how to cure their tennis elbow at their own pace without the need for specialized equipment, Doctors, pain medication, elbow braces, surgery and all of their associated costs.

Now it’s your turn!

Questions and comments are always welcomed below!

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