Terms of Use

Terms of Use


All content on Tenniselbowsecretsrevealed.com [including video, audio, blog posts, ebooks, text and images] is the property of Tenniselbowsecretsrevealed.com, and may not be copied, (other than for personal use) distributed or shared.

However, please feel free to link to any of the content here at Tenniselbowsecretsrevealed.com.

Video Downloads:

Do not re-upload videos anywhere online: If you choose to download any of these videos you agree not to upload them to any online video sharing platform (YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Etc)

OR to any file storing or sharing service “in the cloud” (DropBox, Google Docs, Etc.)

The risk is that the videos in this format are just too-easily copied and distributed. Please store them only on your personal computer, tablet, Ipad/Ipod or other personal storage device.

Subscribers’ Use

If you choose to subscribe by email your subscription entitles you to access the free newsletter, tips and tutorials.

Your subscription is solely for your personal/household use – and the posting, emailing or the sharing of the password in any way is prohibited.

(You may cancel your subscription at any time by clicking the ‘unsubscribe link’ at the bottom of any email. You will receive no more emails from that point on.)

Modification of Terms

We reserve the right to change the policies and Terms of the use of this site at any time. Updated versions of the Terms will appear on Tenniselbowsecretsrevealed.com and become effective immediately.

You are responsible for regularly reviewing the Terms, and your continued use of Tenniselbowsecretsrevealed.com after any such update shall constitute your agreement with the modifications.

Disclaimer and Privacy Policy

Please also read the Disclaimer

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